December 6, 2011

Nest - Bringing the Sexy Back To the Thermostat

Seeing the words sexy and thermostat in a sentence together might be a rarity; actually, it should be a rarity, because for the most part our thermostats have been lacking in the sexy department. . .

And then there was Nest. 

I first read about this little gem from this blog several weeks ago and have recently seen it picking up some hot PR momentum.  While the name as a brand really doesn’t do it for me just yet, this idea is going to revolutionize the way you look at a thermostat. 

Here’s the scoop.  Unlike other boring, inefficient thermostats, Nest -- which looks like it CB2’s version of the Staple's easy button (I mean, am I wrong?) -- is like a trainable tech dog that keeps you comfortable while saving you money.  The makers of it call it the Learning Thermostat which basically implies that the more you use it, the smarter it gets.  After you install it and do some simple programing, like temperature range, zip code, etc. Nest starts “learning” what you like and adapts to your lifestyle, like shutting off during the day or turning back on when you get home.   Built in technology helps you save energy (and consequently cutting down on costs) and a little green leaf even lights up when you’re in savings mode, you know, to remind you that you, my friend, are the smart of the smart ones.
But wait, the greatness doesn’t stop there.  Want to change the temperature from work because the temperature just dropped like a bazillion degrees since you left, or don’t feel like walking into a sauna of a house because you’ve been away for a week?  No problem, you can change the settings from online or from your smartphone.   I mean, really?  Really. (Can you imagine the practical jokes you can play on someone with this technology?)
Nest retails at $249, and with their claim that you can see an average annual savings of about $173, you’ll breakeven in about a year and a half of use.  Assuming it will last at least ten years, you may be able to sign little Harry or Sara up for an economics class or two . . .
Now, we’ve been down this road before with programmable thermostats, and you may already have one, but apparently, as consumers that are products of bathrooms that still have pictures on them, (and don't lie and say you don't get confused when a business tries to get clever with it - "What's Spanish for male again?") we obviously demand simple design to use something.  Nest thinks so too.  As they say, “We design for simplicity.”  Because at the end of the day, we already think and work hard enough, we don’t need to think about the products we use.
If you’re really interested, check out this video to see how it works:

Oh, and if you thought this was the work of a group of middle class housewives tired of high electricity bills, don’t be fooled, Next is the creation of former Apple employees and the guys behind the iPod (shocker), but I’m not mad at ‘em, this is genius and Tony Fadell may by my new tech hero.  Now if only we can do this for stoves and dinnertime . . . 
To check out more, or get on the waiting list for one, check out if you do get one, please write me to tell me about it. 

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  1. Thanks for putting me on to this Brandy. Outstanding product... unfortunately sold out for 2011 but I'll be following up in the new year.

  2. Mick, if you get one you'll have to do a demo from your smartphone at the next board meeting!


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